Djdealeyo presents August 2009 Dance Music Mix

As we move to get everything back on, i bring you a dance music mix i did about 2 weeks ago.  It was meant to be as deep as hiphop but i decided to save some for september.  i will try to drop the september mixes early.

Part 1 of Djdealeyo dance music mix

right click on download

1- Mando Diato- Dance With Somebody

2- 2 vibez- Always

3- Glitterboyz-Suspicious Minds

4 Cosmic Culture-Our Future

5. “Summertime” Refresh

6. “Rave Heaven” Dave McCullen

7. “Monkey Forest” Midway

8. “Day N Nite” Kid Cudi

9. “Silent Running” Oliver De Ville

10. “Right Now” Akon

11. “Make U Mine” Trilogy Project

12. “When Love Takes Over” Dave Guetta

13. “Candy On The Dancefloor” Natural Born Grooves

14. “Memory” Fragma

Djdealeyo really performs his dance music mixes well.

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